Discover the timeless wisdom of nature with the heirs of ancient knowledge.


Noah's son Yafes came to Mesapotamia, the holy land, to continue his lineage. He realized that the land was arid and asked God Almighty for help. The voice of the creator was heard from the heavens and called out: "Take this stone that has been sent to you, and with the knowledge that I have bestowed upon you, make it rain and make the land fertile, so that your descendants will continue to exist here.

And so everything started with the story of a stone in this geography, the story of the 'Yada Stone'...

This stone, whose name is mentioned in many myths and written sources, was known as the divine weapon of the Turks and even many wars were fought for the possession of this stone.

The possession of this stone was so important that with its knowledge, rains could be made to fall, winds could blow and all weather events could be controlled.

Those who had the knowledge to use this stone, which is still unknown today, were shamans known as 'Yadaci'.

This story, which shed light on me while establishing my brand, has been and continues to be my source of inspiration for my designs.

Step into this mysterious world with me to feel the spirit of the stones and witness the ancient knowledge within them.